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Produce Farm
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We are a family owned and operated market garden farm that is in our 20th year of production which includes participating in farmers markets. We only sell products that we produce and like to look at our farm as a direct link to the food you eat. We use sustainable growing practices, which include cover crops and compost along with crop rotation. We firmly believe that if you take care of your soil, then your soil takes care of you, which in turn provides a nutritious product for our customers. There is a vast difference between fresh local food and that which could have traveled from across the country or farther. We have several cold frames (also referred to as high tunnels) that help to extend our seasons and to grow and harvest a variety of crops year around. Our direct link to customers is by farmers markets, our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where members pick up a weekly share of produce directly from our farm, and our online store that is on our website. Our gardens have given us great joy in not only producing really great produce, but the connection it has provided with customers we meet from year to year.